Fragmented Sculptures Convey Powerful Strength

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This striking collection of contemporary sculptures is filled with a powerful strength conveyed through dramatic gestures and unique forms. Entitled Edge Sculpture, the collection was designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley, the Creative Director of Robert Harrop Designs. The series includes a variety of animals, humans, and mythical creatures ranging from a Cobra to a penguin, a dragon, a unicorn, and a warrior.


Catching up on some previews! Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo opens April 25th at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.

SONG: UnknownScumbody Told Me
ARTIST: UnknownArctic Monkeys vs. The Killers
ALBUM: UnknownScumbody Told Me - Mashup
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Scumbody Told Me ll  Arctic Monkeys vs. The Killers


Into the Forest by illustrator Miranda Meeks.See more work on her tumblr here:


Into the Forest by illustrator Miranda Meeks.

See more work on her tumblr here:


Dating advice, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Because what more could a girl want than a man to clean up after?

Also on Tapastic because I am trying that site out. Maybe look for more dumb minicomics from me there in the future.